tips on blogging and video blogging?

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alright well most people have probably seen blair’s video blog on myspace. her youtube account is juicy07 , if you haven’t. and i know that she started out small, and i want to be like her. i am very interested in blogging and video blogging. so any tips on how to get started would be greatly appreciated. i also would LOVE it if you gave me some ideas on a few things to start making videos with. ex. like topics to talk about and such.

I guess first it would depend on what your goals are. Are you doing it for entertainment or doing it to make an income? Either way, there are so many resources online that can get you started. What helped me out with everything is a site called The Niche Blogger (but that’s only if you’re looking to make an income). If you are doing it for entertainment purposes, I would suggest that you get a flip video camera and start talking about something that interests you as well as your readers. You can download this on You Tube and make a series of it. There is free software out there that can help you edit your videos as well. Or you can get start blogging utilizing WordPress. The Niche Blogger is actually what helped me to learn all about blogging step by step. Amy talks about video blogging, blogging, etc. (I provided a link below) I hope this kind of helps. Good Luck!