Resume/CV: What is a good way to refer to my experience with "professional" blogging?

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I’m applying for a new media journalism-type job, but not sure how to refer to experience I have writing for websites (particularly those related to free speech and media). I have a "Publications" section on my resume for professional publications (one book and a few newspaper and magazine articles) but that’s all paid stuff. How can I refer to my experience writing for websites?

Also, should I include my blog on my resume since it’s relevant to the job description? Or are things like that better off in my cover letter?

Free-lance journalism?

What is a good business blogging website?

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I’m doing some marketing for my boss and I need to find a website where we can blog about the company. I wanted to find something a little more specific than wordpress. I want something that other businesses look at and blog at.

There are so many websites I can`t put them all here, you should look for every WordPress blog, that are the best places to do a article marketing for free.

The first one I can advice you is, you can register there for free and put as many articles as you want, but remember max 3 links inside an article.

If you interested I can send you many blogs like this one ,contact me on email

How to do you start a blog on myyearbook?

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I want to start a blog on myyearbook but i cant find the box on my profile.
I have made sure i have checked the box to show my latest blog in the manage profile boxes section.
But it still wont show up.
Please help.
Is there any other way to start the blog?

On the left side at the top, you will see "MY STUFF", it runs up and down the page and it is a slide out menu, My Blog is at the bottom if you scroll down.

Are there any legal things I should know before starting a blog about books?

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I want to start a blog where I talk about the books I have read and other people’s opinions about them but I want to know if there are any legal problems I could have with this. I don’t think there are but I don’t want any surprises. Thanks so much.

Nothing really comes to mind.
Except the obvious, make sure you show your sources, quotations are in "inverted commas". Give credit where it is due etc

What are some sites that offer free blogs?

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On my website I want to create a blog. What are some good websites that you can download blogging scripts or any sort of thing where I can make and manage blogs. Free software is preferred but anything will work.

Search on Google, or your favourite search engine, and type in these keywords: free open source blog
Or if you want to be running your own website that includes a blog feature I would check out this free tool:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

How do you integrate guest bloggers on your blog?

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Is there any way to invite guest bloggers? Or posting article automatically on my blog?

What kind of are you using? WordPress?

Guest bloggers will come only for some good blogs. Automatically posting articles means you want to post from some rss feeds? That’s a bad thing.

Does anyonw know of any blogs dedicated to wholesalers or the wholesale business? How do blogs work?

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u can google "wholesale blog", there will be lots of answers.

Basically, a blog is a lot like an online journal or diary. The author can talk about anything and everything. Many blogs are full of interesting links that the author has found. Blogs often contain stories or little snippets of information that are interesting to the author.

i am preparing a blog about stories how i deal with the wholesaler, a reliable supplier.

How do you find different blogs on Blogger with keyword or search?

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Just got a Blogger account, it works good, but how do I find different users blogs I like with search. I remember there is a way, but I am not seeing it now. Thanks for your help.

To view different users blogs , you have to visit their blogger profiles. You will see the list of blogs there

tips on blogging and video blogging?

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alright well most people have probably seen blair’s video blog on myspace. her youtube account is juicy07 , if you haven’t. and i know that she started out small, and i want to be like her. i am very interested in blogging and video blogging. so any tips on how to get started would be greatly appreciated. i also would LOVE it if you gave me some ideas on a few things to start making videos with. ex. like topics to talk about and such.

I guess first it would depend on what your goals are. Are you doing it for entertainment or doing it to make an income? Either way, there are so many resources online that can get you started. What helped me out with everything is a site called The Niche Blogger (but that’s only if you’re looking to make an income). If you are doing it for entertainment purposes, I would suggest that you get a flip video camera and start talking about something that interests you as well as your readers. You can download this on You Tube and make a series of it. There is free software out there that can help you edit your videos as well. Or you can get start blogging utilizing WordPress. The Niche Blogger is actually what helped me to learn all about blogging step by step. Amy talks about video blogging, blogging, etc. (I provided a link below) I hope this kind of helps. Good Luck!